Sunday, 11 March 2012

Samuel May Colenso and family.

Samuel May Colenso was a saddler from Penzance born in 1786.  Samuel was an Alderman on the Penzance Borough council - A position that was an appointment not an elected office at the time.  The first elections to the council were held on Christmas Day 1835.Samuel was also a member of the Freemasons, being a member of the "Druids Love and Liberality Lodge" Redruth (listed 1809).  The list of members include some very famous names from West Cornwall's History including Lemon Hart, producer of the famous Lemon Hart rum and several members of the Branwell family, who were of course related by marriage to the Brontes.

Samuel had 10 children 9 of whom survived into adulthood.  One of his sons was the Rev William Colenso one of the most interesting and influential people in the early history of New Zealand.   More information will be written about William in a future entry of this blog.

Another of his sons Richard are discussed here.

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