Friday, 30 March 2012

Wiremu Colenso

William and the Colenso Family.
One of the most intriguing members of my family is William "Wiremu" Colenso. Wiremu was the illegitimate son of the famous Penzance born missionary, printer (an much more) William Colenso and his maori servant, Ripeke Meretene. Wiremu, moved from New Zealand and took up residence in Penzance, in an attractive house which is situated at the rear entrance of Penzance's Penlee park.   Wiremu can be seen in this photo as an older man with the rest of the immediate Colenso family.  According to family legend, Wiremu or "Willie" as he was known to his family was extremely well regarded by local people.  He married his cousin Sarah Colenso - (My great great great Aunt) sadly they had no children.  Wiremu is buried with his with in Penzance cemetery, only yards from his uncles and cousins and strangely my own family home.
William and Sarah's Grave
A gift to Richard Colenso, from Wiremu and Sarah  - Touchingly personal

William as a young man.

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