Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Veale Family

The Veale family are connected to the Penzance Reeds through Jane Veale who was related by marriage to the Thomas and Colenso branches of the family.  The Veales are in fact a deeply influential and wealthy family in the parish of Gulval.  Descended from the first protestant vicar of Gulval (who was awarded the position by Queen Elizabeth the First).  The Rev William Veale was said to be descended from an aristocratic  line based in Gloucestershire , specifically Aldsworth.  Trevaylor the large family home was surrounded by woodland planted by the family, the woods are still a favourite place for children from Penzance to play. Trevaylor is now an old peoples home (pictured above) and the building itself is still impressive and grand.

(Picture left of the Trevaylor plantation, known as "Trevaylor Woods").

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